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The 5-Step Method to Writing Effective Blog Post Headlines

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There are many techniques bloggers can use to create more effective headlines. If you want to be as successful as possible, make sure your headline immediately commands attention, which will help your blog stand out from the crowd.

Those bloggers who have already seen some measure of success know how important good headlines are.

 Post Headlines

If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level, here are 5 ways to write more effective blog post headlines.

1. Keep It Short & Sweet –

People have very limited attention spans, so in order to draw readers in and keep their attention, your headlines should be kept short and sweet.

Keeping it simple is really the key here. The shorter your headline, the easier it is to understand – and a short headline means the entire thing will appear in search results.

While it’s certainly fine to use longer headlines once in a while, generally speaking these can confuse and frustrate readers. Your goal is to draw readers in, not turn them away from your content because the headline was too long.

When crafting headlines, make an effort to write them as succinctly as possible.

2. Command Attention

A good headline will command a reader’s attention from the very beginning, and keep a reader interested enough to read the entire post.

One effective way of doing this is to create headlines that immediately capture an audience by using “shock tactics,” controversy or other techniques.

However, if you choose to use a controversial headline but fail to deliver on your promise throughout the rest of your post, readers will soon learn you are not a credible source of information and will go elsewhere.

Rather than tricking your readers into reading more of your post – and then failing to deliver – make sure whatever your headline promises is something you can follow through on.

3. Solve a Problem

Another way to create an effective headline is by solving a problem a reader may have. These types of posts are usually “How to” or tutorial-type posts, and can help solve a problem or address a need of your reader base.

These types of posts often attract a lot of interest, especially if it’s a widespread problem that a lot of people are looking to fix.

Consider your blog niche and what types of “How To” posts you can write that will address the problems of your readers.

How can you help them? What expertise do you have that will enable you to solve common problems readers within your subject are likely to encounter?

These headlines are very effective at drawing people in.

4. Consider Keywords

Stringing a bunch of random keywords together won’t make a compelling headline, but you should consider popular keywords within your niche and how they can help you craft a more effective headline.

Brainstorm some of the keywords associated with your topic, then use a keyword tool to look for the most-searched keywords or phrases for that topic.

Ideally, you want to find popular keywords or key phrases that don’t have a lot of competition.

Doing research like this can help you with a good headline, especially if you’re having writer’s block and can’t come up with an attention-grabbing headline on your own.

5. Be Clear & Direct

Your headline should sum up in as few words as possible exactly what the reader can expect to find when reading the rest of your post.

While some people may be intrigued by cryptic headlines, the majority of readers want headlines that are clear, direct and focused on what the post will be about.

For example, a reader who clicks through to a post titled “How to Ride a Bike” will expect to find a blog post explaining exactly how to ride a bike – no more, no less.

If the post starts veering off into a completely different direction, your readers will end up frustrated and confused.

Be as clear as you can be in the headline while still making it compelling and worthy of a reader’s attention. Don’t mislead your readers!

The Bottom Line

While there are many techniques to use when you need to craft compelling headline, these methods are some of the most effective ways to capture a reader’s attention.

If you haven’t been concerned with your headline before, now is a good time to put as much thought into your headlines as you do to the rest of your post.

A good headline can mean the difference between a blog post read by many or one that’s only read by a few.

Author’s Note : This is a Guest post for Techosky.com by Amrik Virdi…Male, Short Tempered, Creative Photographer, Music Freak,Movie Buff, Tech Nerd, Crazy Sleeper, Big Foodie :) Dreamer, believer in happy endings and aspire of being bitten by the travel bug soon. 

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  1. Hi Sugandha and Amrik great post indeed. Headline in the most essential part of a blog post, advertisment or any online declarations. In today’s world when people have busy schedule they just grasp the headline and decide if to read the content. this post clearly explains how to catch the attention of the reader in that crucial 5 seconds.

  2. Without a good headline we’re like a newspaper boy standing on a corner selling papers without shouting anything. I used aminstitute dot com which has a unique headline analyzer when I get too wordy.

  3. Hey Amrik,

    It would be great if you could add some examples of catchy titles. I don’t agree with your this article as you are talking about using KW in catchy title, you are talking about solving problem, look mate “how to” is a big KW in internet world by which you solve problems of people.

    The catchy title is like, you are provoking and forcing readers to click on your title on social medias and serps. Negative words are the best part of writing catchy titles. You might write this article’s title like “The post title headlines your blog always miss to attract readers.”

    Something like this you could have write. I hope you will come up with more exciting headlines in future….

  4. Interesting post and I’ll try to follow these tips for my blog post titles.
    I’m new to blogging world and it would be really helpful for me if you review my blog.
    Thank you

  5. hi sungandha,

    to attract more visitors to our blog,we must give the titles of posts in such a way that those should be short and clearly understood by visitors.because visitors don’t have that much time to read our full article.so by seeing our title they will come to a conclusion about which that article is.then those visitors reads the article completely and they will become fan to our blog.in this way blog post headings will plays very important role to grab traffic to our blog.

  6. Such a nice post indeed.Thanks for sharing this nice topic.

  7. Hello, Sugandha Mam
    Awesome post which contain very useful information about The 5-Step Method to Writing Effective Blog Post Headlines. Very interesting Article, I liked it. I hope it will help me.
    Thanks for sharing views. Have a great week ahead.

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