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Top 10 Best Internet Browsers

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If you’ve surfed Internet then you all must be familiar with the Word ‘Browser’. There is Nothing to Explain in it. 

But Today Here on Techosky I’m going to tell you the list of ‘Top 10 Best Internet Browsers‘.

Internet Browsers


These Browsers have been chosen on the basis Of their performance, Loading Speed, Design, number of times of their downloads, their popularity etc. and the main thing is these browsers are compatible with any operating system and have already been tested worldwide.

Here we go…

#1 : Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a best web Browser in the world and has very much popularity at the same time. Google Chrome can be compatible with all operating Systems. It has turned out to be the most downloaded of all internet browsers. It was started back on September 2008 and it is very much secure for surfing the net as it was organized by a popular search engine Google.

You can Download it here for Free.

#2 : Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another browser which is so much popular in the world. This Browser developed for Windows, OS X and Linux back on November 2004. This is the world’s second most downloaded Internet Browser. In this Browser, Users can add many useful features by using add-ons and it is known for secure browsing with fast speed. It comes with Pop-up Blocking, Multi Tab Browsing, Google Search, Privacy Controls Etc. You can add Additional Features into Your Browser by adding Scripts Through Greasemonkey.

You can download it here for free  by choosing your language and operating system.

#3 : Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the first and most widely used browsers in the world which Windows Operating system. It was released back in 1995. Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Internet Explorer, commonly abbreviated IE or MSIE) has been designed to view all kinds of web pages easily and it provides some great features for Windows users. It was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! For Windows 95 that year. Later versions were available as free downloads

You can download  the latest version here for free.

#4 : Opera


Opera is one of the well known web browser which is mainly used by 400 million users all over the world. It was released back in 1994. Opera also has a mobile version called “Opera Mini” that is very popular for all kinds of mobile operating system.

You can download it here for free. [Computers and Laptops]

You can download it here for free. [Mobiles]

#5 : Safari


Safari is a popular browser which is an Apple Product and the world available only for Mac and iOs users. Safari was first released in 2003. It has very much Awesome features like Enhanced Keyboard Navigation, Html  Support, Smart Address Field etc. It is Compatible With Windows 7 As well as Mac 10.

#6 : Maxthon


Maxthon is a China Based Browser which has come unique feature that can change your browsing experience. Maxthon, originally known as MyIE2 and it is a free web browser for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is also available on iOS and Android platforms as Maxthon Mobile.

Maxthon allows users to customize look , theme, skin easily. One drawback of this browser is It’s Not So fast and Secure.

You can download it here.


#7 : Rockmelt


This is New Browser was released in 2010 but this is one of the most useful web browser in today’s date and it is also known as the social web browser. This is very unique which covers main social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with Google Search. RockMelt supports all of Google Chrome’s extensions and add on’s. RockMelt’s provides social reading function. RockMelt lets the user use internet without any possibility of leaking information. It has been built in Google Chromium Project. It has many features like alert from your Favorite Websites, Better search results, Bookmark Synchronization, preferences, Apps, Feeds, Supports Chrome extensions and add-ons etc.

You can Download it from here.


#8 : SeaMonkey


SeaMonkey is a free source internet suite that was launched in 2006. SeaMonkey is an open source program which offers developers to do whatever they want and modify it as they want to use it. It is the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite, based on the same source code. SeaMonkey one of the most useful internet sites that allows users all kinds of internet browsing features such as web browsing, email sending, chatting etc. You can say it all-in-one internet suite. It’s a goof Experience using SeaMonkey but at the same time speed of this browser may frustrate you at times.

You can Download it from here.


#9 : Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer

The most recent version is 1.5.3 (BETA 3) which was Released October 19, 2006 and this is one of the fastest browsers on the web developer by Deepnet Security and Development in Britain. Deepnet Explorer supports Microsoft Windows OS. It offers many useful features with fast speed but with less security features. Deepnet Explorer is a good browser but it lacks in its popularity due to security reasons.

You can Download it from here.


#10 : Avant Browser

Avant Browser

Avant is Internet Explorer Based Browser  which is a very good and smooth browser in the world having Tabbed Browsing, Zoom functionality Up to 500%. It was a top downloaded browser in year 2007, and beat all the other browsers in 2007. Avant was launched in 2004.Avant browser is a good browser with friendly interface and it has also unique features in it and it does not have any kind of ads or fees. Its speed is similar to IE8, Blocks Pop-up ads, better Search Etc.

You can Download it From here.

Image Credit : Google Search Engine! 

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  1. Chrome is the best for Synchronizing

    Firefox for add-on

    Rockmelt for smoothness

    I would suggest you to stay away from MAXTHON, the publicity hungry scammers :)

  2. This is indeed a great list of the popular browsers on the internet today. Google Chrome remains my favorite web browser followed by Firefox and Rockmelt. Microsoft has to do better with is10 to compete in the browser war.

  3. I used Internet Explorer when I was 7 years old 😛
    Then switched to Mozilla Firefox and now I use Chrome . I feel chrome more easier and faster :-)

    Anyways nice article and keep posting 😀

  4. Hello dear:
    This is my first visit to this blog, and glad to say that i liked your blog, Thanks for sharing such a great list. Keep it going dear.

  5. Seems, You have studied this topic very deeply ;). Some New browsers came in front of me that I never imagined such thing exists. I told you in you facebook post which one is best and here its on the top 😀

    Happy Blogging

  6. The cay chrome has been launched, I am using it and I am in love with it. Firfox is the best browser for Web designer.

    And Rockmelt is actually not a browser, its a wowser.

    Nice list beta. Keep it up.

  7. Chrome is best. I am using from last 2 years, and no prob at all. Synchronization is also too good.

  8. Hello Cool Tech Girl ! Once Again Seeing Your Post That Is Awesome. But You Can Also Add Torch Browser To This List.

    What Do You Say ?


    • Hi Ajay,
      Welcome again to my blog..
      Actually Torch Browser is not so much Popular and it’s having some synchronization problems too..So, Not in my list..
      Well, Thanks and plz share which browser do you use?

  9. Hi Sugandha ,
    Even though I still use Firefox occasionally , Chrome remains my favorite . Google delivered what Microsoft couldn’t . Frankly speaking , I was shocked to see Internet Explorer on the third position . I know some people still use it but third position . 😉 A great compilation indeed


  10. Hi sugandha
    Good one , its bad to see opera on 4th it should be on 2nd or 3rd. IE IS nOT fast as opera I think …
    Any way nice article I can say :)

  11. Nice Selection! Good sharing.
    Chrome Love you buddy <3 😀

  12. Hello Sugandha,

    Great Share.!

    Thanks for the writing and Sharing :). you have Covered many Web- Browsers in this Post.! But Why to forger our Indian Web browser called “Epic Web Browser – The first web browser for India” BTW!

    Stay updated and Stay Rocking 😉 😛


  13. I think Firefox is the best web browser because I’ve used almost all of the browsers here and I found Firefox to outrun each and every other browsers out there. I’m proud to say I’m a firefox user! 😀

  14. Hi Sugii..
    Really a awesome post.Browsers play a most vital roll on net surfing providing you with lots of option..Having a best always gives you much….
    I use Mozilla Firefox for this purpose i think its best 4 me…….
    Thanks 4 sharing this informative post….
    Keep Sharing…

  15. Nice list. have top 5 of these installed. :) and yes 3rd one, i.e. internet explorer is not a browser.

  16. Hi Sugandha – as a new reader of your blog I though I’d just leave a quick comment here to say I’ve been enjoying it very much. Thanks! Shaun

  17. thats great i am using the no 1 browser, and have installed the second no too. good work…

  18. Mozilla is my favorite browser among these. Loved the post!!

  19. such a great list. keep it going dear. :)

  20. Hello Sugandha,
    The list is quite lovely. I personally liked Chrome and safari . Anyway, nice post.

  21. I find Mozilla more better than Chrome. BTW awesome post. Thanx :)

  22. I like Mozilla Firefox, because Chrome is not for work online, All Tools not work in Google Chrome and if works, then not properly. I would rate : 5/5 for Mozilla and 4/5 for Google Chrome :)

  23. Great list Sugandha, am goin to text some of them

  24. I never heard about some of those browser before, really nice list

  25. Thanks for sharing nice list of web browsers. I personally use Firebox as my default browser as it is faster, safer and secure in terms of security.

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