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Top 10 Best Mobile Apps Related to Women Safety In India

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With the Advancement of Technology as well as the Modern world.

One side where people are so much aware about their life and it’s problems. They have so much courage, motivation, energy to change their life as well as to change the society. They are the people who talk about the India’s Betterment. They say In this Mordern World “Women” and “Men” are Equal.

But, On the other hand The violence Against Women accross the world is also increasing tremendously.

Specially, In Country Like India we have seen the Incidents of crime against women have been increasing at an alrming pace in Indian cities especially in metro cities like Delhi.

Most common incidents being Rape, Kidnapping, Sexual Harassment and Eve Teasing.

In this age of Technology, Mobile phone is one gadget almost every one uses to keep in touch with family and friends.

This Mobile can also be Play a Huge role for Women Safety In India.

Top 10 Best Mobile Apps Related to Women Safety

There are So Many Apps available in Market which will really going to Help all Women Society Not even in India Only But accross the world too.

Here, I’m Presenting the use and the Benifts of Top 10 Best Mobile Apps Related to Women Safety In India which will be help your Loved onces for their safety.

# 10 : Fight Back

FightBack, India’s first ever mobile application for women’s safety developed by the Mahindra group firm, is an application that ensures women safety as it works across various range of phones.

Earlier, the application was charged as per the usage, but recently after the Delhi gang rape case, the company has started giving FREE access to the App.


This is made possible by storing a pre-defined list of emergency mobile numbers (of family, friends, colleagues etc.), police and legal authorities helpline numbers within the application.

So as and when need arises (emergency situations), you can inform everyone together just with a single click of button.

The application uses GPS, GPRS, SMS, emails and your Facebook account to inform friends in need of help. It also shows location on Google Maps and sends SOS emergency text messages to close and dear ones.

The app is available for Android and Nokia phones and for phones which support Java apps.

To check the supported models and to Downlowd the application, go to this link.

# 9 : iFollow

iFollow, a FREE App and iFollow won Nasscom AppFame AWARD for ladies safety.

When you shake your mobile thrice within a span of 5 seconds, this app will enable an automatic voice call to your high priority number and alert them.


In a worst case , if the call goes unattended, “iFollow” sends an SMS to all your emergency contacts, and gives your geo information to your friends with latitude and longitude values (for every 10 meters shift)

iFollow is a personal app designed to work silently on your mobile as a background activity to reduce power consumption and CPU usage.

You can add up to 3 contact numbers to ask for help when you are in a danger situation.

This app is available for both Android and Apple smartphones.

The SMS can be stopped from being sent if you keep the app in hide mode.

For Download you can go to Google Play Store Link.

# 8 : Guardly

Guardly, a FREE and Subscription Versions app which is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7

Guardly is a personal safety service that instantly connects you with your safety network and authorities in an emergency.

This app differs from others in that it places a phone call to your contacts with your name, exact location, the type of emergency.

This App is able to specify different contacts for different types of emergencies — such as “Peanut Allergy,” “Stroke” or “Walking Home Alone” — differentiates this from other apps, and it also enable you to identify different locations you frequent such as “Home,” “School” or “Work.”


There’s also a profile page where you can include personal information such as birthdate, eye/hair color, height, weight, blood type, plus medical information including existing conditions, allergies, medications, your doctor’s name and phone number, insurance details and policy number.

The subscription service enables responders to connect by conference call, and also texts/emails the group a link to an emergency response site where they can exchange messages, send photos, and locate each other on a map.

The paid version also includes live location tracking and a direct connection to 911. It also includes tracking of real-time location. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 phones.

Guardly Premium is $1.99/month or $19.99/year.

For FREE Download this app you can go through this link.

# 7 : Circle of 6

Circle of 6, Another FREE app which is available for iPhone and andriod users.

This app will help you to stay close and connected with your friends. During the danger situation, it sends the pre-defined message to your friends along with your location details.

This app is a must-have for any woman with an iPhone.

Designed for college students, Circle of 6 is also useful for high school students or any female of any age who wants an easy-to-use system to alert friends when she’s in a threatening situation. The name ” Circle of 6″ suggests that you can add 6 trusted members to your circle.

Circle Of 6

Two taps will send out one of three predetermined text messages to 6 contacts of your choice including a call for help getting home that automatically includes an address and map of your exact location, or a request for a phone call from you to break up a tense situation.

The app also contains pre-programmed national hotline numbers and a local number you can customize for campus security, police or 911.

Circle of 6 is the winner of the Department of Health and Human Services / White House 2011″Apps Against Abuse ” Challenge and its four developers have significant expertise in the fields of sexual violence prevention, mobile technology, graphic design and healthy relationship building. Three in fact are women.

This app Requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5.

You can Download it from here.

# 6 : Hollaback

Hollaback, is the app which is Free and Available on iPhone and Android.

“Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment”, is the tag line of this particular app.

Here the users can take a photo of the harasser and upload it as ‘caught in the act’ and submit their story on ihollaback.org.

It signals the perpetrator that his photo is shared on the website as well as warns others from doing this act.


The app encourages users to submit stories along with photographs of street harassment at every level from catcalls to strangers groping hands or even individuals exposing themselves in public roads.

An estimated 80-90% of women have been harassed in public, and as Hollaback’s executive director Emily May explains, she has a ten-year goal — to end street harassment so that she’s out of a job.

Apart from apps and website, Hollaback is part of an international movement with locally based Hollaback organizations in major cities and metropolitan areas across 18 countries.

You can Download this app from here.

# 5 : Eyewatch

EyeWatch, is another great mobile application for women’s safety. The application works on almost every type of smartphone — Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia etc.

The EyeWatch application has some additional features like free fall activation and Video/audio/Images support.

Free fall activation means the application gets activated by itself when mobile phone drops (mobile dropping is a common occurrence in such situations). You can even simply shake the phone to activate it.


The inbuilt audio/video/image support enables the application to even send the images, videos and sound bytes along with the location in SOS alerts.

Another useful features of EyeWatch is that it can work even while you are moving in cars or lifts. Even this is not all, there is a provision to even record and send the last conversation that happened on the device along with SOS alerts.

This could be a boon for investigation and legal agencies like police and will help them in tracing and providing help to the victim quickly and in time.

The EyeWatch application was launched as a joint initiative of Indianeye Security Pvt. Ltd. (ISL) and Security Watch India (SWI).

Downloaded this app here.

# 4 : Street Safe

Street Safe, a premium app takes care of security and protection.

At a point, if you think you are in trouble, Street Safe guides you with a Personal Safety Advisor, a feature called “Walk with me”, which gets the details of the situation and stays on line until they ensure the user gets back home safe.

Street Safe

In case the call is cut, the Safety Advisor connects the user to the local police for further help and guidance. In case of emergency situations, a feature called “Silent Alarm” enables to get local help from the real-time location using the GPS and physical description of the user.

The app is available for FREE across various platforms in Google Play Store, Apple App Store, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone Store.

Download Link.

#3 : SOS Whistle

SOS Whistle, is Available in All phones.

SOS Whistle does not send an SOS or let your friends known where you are. Rather, as its name suggests, the app has a very simple function-to trigger a whistle.

SOS Whistle

In fact, it can trigger a whistle sound even if the phone is in silent mode. Thus, it is a great app in times of danger to tell other passers-by of your situation. You don’t even need a data connection or GPS service. You just have to tap the screen and the app will start an alarm.

# 2 : Life360 Family Locator

Life360 Family Locator, More than an app it notifies close and dear ones about the trouble.

As the name indicate the application is suited for the safety of not only women but of any family member. The app enables you to track the location of the person via GPS technology.

It provides useful information; for instance, about the criminals in the neighbourhood, tracking the most visited locations and so on.

Life360 Family Locator

It also keeps connected with the family members on a daily basis and with the aid of GPS, it informs others about the exact location though messages, calls and emails with the press of a button. Its usage can be beyond safety issues.

This is a mobile apps which is suitable enough to work on basic mobile phones and on smartphones. It works on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod devies.

It has a single click panic alarm for all the emergencies.

The app has some additional good features. You can get details of safety points like hospitals, police and fire stations in your neighborhood.

It even gets you some basic information about any sex offenders in your neighborhood.

However, since the applications was launched primarily to work on any network in USA, not all features will work on India networks.

You may have to check with your network operator in India.

You can Download it from here.

# 1 : Sentinel

Sentinel, is a Smartphone application used to serve as a virtual security guard for women. The users can press a button once they feel they are being stalked or harassed.

It sends out instant alerts to let friends, family or police know about the trouble and save them. The app is available for about INR 50 on the Android and other platforms.


Sentinel calls itself ‘world’s first app for improving people’s security’ as it can send out alerts even when your smartphone is destroyed by an attacker!

This is an Android based application that calls, SMSs or emails your friends and family with your location when in danger. With a press of a button, it triggers an alert even if the user is not connected to the Internet by sending SMS with location to the server.

You can Download it from here.

These are the Top 10 Best Mobile Apps Related to Women Safety In India Accodingly used.

There are Many more apps which are used for Safetly worldwide and they are as follows :

  •  bSafe
  •  Women Safe Circle
  •  cab4me
  •  OnWatch
  •  Nirbhaya
  •  Alert.Us
  •  Scream Alarm!
  •  I AM SAFE
  •  Women Safety Mobile Apps
  •  YWCA Safety Siren
  •  Mobi Tracker LocateMe
  •  One Touch Location
  •  Damini
  •  Nike training club
  •  SafeBridge, Telerik India
  •  PanicGuard

We as a Female is our Duty to protect us from the once who have no heart, no feelings for others.

I hope this list will help you or love once to Stay safe in this cruel world.

Do Share your views via Comments below :)

||Stay Safe ||Stay Healthy ||Stay Blessed ||

Image Credit to their Respective Owners and Google.

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  10. Great List…
    I think these apps are perfect for women safety and every women should have one of these.

  11. Great List…
    I think these apps are perfect for women safety and every women should have one of these.

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