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What Do People Share on Social Networks?

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SOCIAL MEDIA is a part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without social media. In our day to day life this really works as a boon as a personal or professional. It is all depend on What Do People Share on Social Networks? As a personal one can connect with their loved once and can talk them in a minute and with professional we can find our clients online, can do a video conference, can share out the blog links, etc. I must say Social Media is a great, easy and reflective way of marketing in today’s time before it was Newspaper, radio used frequently.
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You can share many things with your friends as well as Strangers too, and can learn about them as well. You can know about their thoughts as well.  Check out our infographic.

What People Share On Social NetworksWhat People Share On Social Networks - Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- GO-Gulf.ae

Do Let me know in Comments What do you share over social media and how it helps you to connect with your loved once! :)

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  1. Great infographic!
    But As far as I know social media is banned in China, then how come they have so much social media users? Just curious to know :p

  2. Awesome post, straight and to the point while remaining comprehensive.

  3. Hi Sugandha,
    Thanks for sharing the article about What Do People Share on Social Networks? Very interesting and informative article. I liked it. Great points include in the post.

  4. Very impressive language and words are used on the page. This is the best way of representing a topic. Easy language and words are used+they are very easy to understand. I will share this website and information given in it.

  5. Got your point… Well written article… Will follow you on Social on networks also…Thanks for sharing

  6. The infographics you shared is simply great, it shares an excellent piece of information of social media.
    Thanks for the post.

  7. nice post thanks for sharing the information

  8. Pictures and Status update are the most i have seen in my friends circle. Sometime the status put by people will surely make you laugh.

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