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📢 "Apple Clashes with French Authorities Over iPhone 12 Radiation Standards! 📱🇫🇷 Are You Safe?" 🚫📡

Apple Disputes French Findings on iPhone 12 Radiation Standards


Apple is in dispute with the French regulatory agency ANFR over radiation standards compliance for iPhone 12.

Key Points:

French Regulatory Concerns:

The French regulatory agency ANFR claimed that some iPhone 12 models exceeded permitted radiation levels.

Apple's Response:

Apple conducted extensive tests and refuted ANFR's claims, asserting that iPhone 12 complies with radiation standards.

ANFR's Recommendations:

ANFR urged Apple to take corrective measures to ensure compliance with radiation standards.

Impact on Apple:

This dispute could potentially impact Apple's stock price and reputation.

Global Concerns:

This case highlights global concerns regarding smartphone radiation and safety standards.

Debate on Health Risks:

The dispute adds to the ongoing debate on the potential health risks associated with smartphone radiation.

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