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Memphis Tigers Football Game Summary

Memphis Tigers Football Game Summary

Article discussing the Memphis Tigers football game against Navy Midshipmen and highlighting key players, events, and outcomes.

Key Players

  • Seth Henigan: Memphis Tigers quarterback.
  • Blake Watson: Memphis Tigers running back.
  • Ryan Silverfield: Memphis Tigers head coach.

Main Events

  • Memphis Tigers faced Navy Midshipmen in an AAC football game.
  • Seth Henigan led the Tigers' offense.
  • Blake Watson had a strong performance in rushing.
  • Game outcome discussed.

Cause and Effect

  • Henigan's performance influenced the game's outcome.
  • Strong rushing by Watson impacted the Tigers' offensive strategy.

Key Statistics

Specific game statistics were not provided in the summary.

Key Arguments/Perspectives

The article primarily reports on game events and player performance. No alternative viewpoints or arguments discussed.


The game outcome may affect the Tigers' season. No broader implications mentioned in the summary.

Summary: The article provides a brief overview of the Memphis Tigers football game against the Navy Midshipmen, focusing on key players such as Seth Henigan and Blake Watson. It mentions game events without providing specific statistics or broader implications.


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