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Consumer Price Index (CPI) Report Summary

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Report Summary


The article presents the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report for August 2023, aiming to provide insights into the current state of inflation in the United States.

Key Players

  • The White House: The source of the report.
  • The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA): Responsible for producing the CPI report.

Main Events

  • Inflation Increase: The report indicates that inflation continued to rise in August 2023.
  • Core Inflation: Core inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy prices, also showed an increase.

Cause and Effect

  • Contributing Factors: The report discusses various factors contributing to inflation, including supply chain disruptions and increased demand for goods and services.
  • Impact: Inflation affects the cost of living for consumers, impacting their purchasing power.

Key Statistics and Figures

  • Overall CPI: The article provides the specific percentage increase in the overall CPI for August 2023.
  • Core CPI: The core CPI increase is also mentioned, emphasizing the stability of core inflation.

Key Arguments/Perspectives

  • Government Response: The report may discuss the government's response to rising inflation, which could include policy measures.
  • Economic Outlook: Alternative viewpoints on the future trajectory of inflation may be explored.


  • Financial Markets: High inflation rates can impact financial markets and investor confidence.
  • Policy Decisions: The report may suggest that inflation trends could influence future economic policy decisions.

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