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Vikings' Alexander Mattison Confronts Online Hate

Vikings' Alexander Mattison Confronts Online Hate: NFL and Team Stand in Support

Minnesota Vikings player, Alexander Mattison, shared disturbing messages he received via Instagram, including racial slurs and death threats. Over 60 hateful messages were sent to him, prompting a strong response from the NFL and the Vikings.

An Unacceptable Situation

In an Instagram post, Mattison expressed his disappointment and urged people to reflect on the impact of their words. He emphasized that, beneath the football helmet, he is a human, a father, and a son, and such hate is sickening.

Statements of Solidarity

Both the National Football League and the Minnesota Vikings issued statements on social media condemning the hatred and racial slurs directed at Alexander Mattison. They stressed the importance of eliminating racism and fostering an inclusive and respectful community.

United Against Hate

This incident serves as a reminder that hate speech has no place in sports or society. The NFL and the Vikings stand united with Alexander Mattison and all players who face such ignorance and prejudice, calling on fans to join the fight against racism.


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