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Make 200$ per day with Adsteera and with AI

Make 200$ per day with Adsteera and

I am sharing you how to earn 200$ per day without any investment (Its my 2 years of strategy after spend lot of money, Now I am telling you all detail in free)

I this lesson I am sharing you to only free and working 100% method with toos, you will make up to 5 lac per month without any hustle, its my promise, but you should have be consistent about you passion, My method is for all types of peoples who want to earn online, This method is also for already job holder who want to earn money part time.

Lets begin start about out methods:

I this free of make money strategy, I will use 4 free online soft wares or sites

1) Adsteera (best Adsense alternative)

2) (Use Custom .com or TLD domain)

3) Social Profiles (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

4) (For send unlimited emails)

5) ChatGpt

 Adsteera (All in one Monetization)

It is true adsense is very difficult to approve, Also its disadvantage is to the adsense is not allow tone of social traffic, but another hand Adsterra is very easy ad network like Adsense. Adsense is not the only ad network that people use to monetize their blogs, vlog, or websites. But unfortunately, newbies are most often stuck to Adsense because they are not familiar with other opportunities. There are thousands of others ad networks that people use to monetize their websites. Adsterra is one of them. Many new bloggers or writers who are not professionals in website development and those who create their website and blog by themselves without any assistance, think that Adsense is the only way to monetize their blog or website. 

Create Adsteera Publisher Account: CLICK HERE

Blogger: is A website or blog publisher software. Its a free google product. is a free blog-publishing service owned by Google. It allows users to create and manage their own blogs and websites for free with free unlimited free hosting 

Create Account on Blogger: CLICK HERE

Social Profiles:

For this make money strategy you must have your social profiles like (1 of your official Facebook account, 1 of your official pinterest account, also 1 of your official Twitter account), Now 2nd step go on facebook search bar and type "facebook buy IDS online or cloning ids" now join some group and post it to buy few of facebook old IDS, 1 IDS maybe 15 rupees, buy atleast 10 facebook IDS or account, after buy, changer it password, picture and apply 2 factor authentaction with google authenticator app, now 3rd step, search auto approval facebook groups according to your topic, check daily post minimum 80+ post (Use Only UK, USA, CANADA or europien groups for best Adsteera CMP, Create excel or file for add a groups should be minimum huge of list, now join all groups in with cloning IDS (1 Facebook join only 5 groups) you can also create your own facebook accounts. Now Create 1 facebook page according to your topic with your original account, now copy paste daily 10 reels that I am providing your given below in article. is all in one free marketing tools to allow to create free sales funnels, and sends unlimited emails daily, and many more benefits, but we will use it for only send unlimited emails for free

Create Free Account for Lifetime: 


Chatgpt is online article tool and also your free chat assistant, you can ask any type of quetion and chatgpt will give you answer in quickly.

Create Free ChatGPT access:


What my is final Strategy to Make confirm 200$ Daily:

Step (1)

First of All create adsteera publisher account (not advertiser account), Now click option "Direct Link" and your own direct link you can also generate other banner ads links as your wish, after create your "direct link" 

Step (2)

Go on google trend and check Daily USA, USA, CANADA trend option, you many website will be appear, now can copy any one of website content, and paste it to chatgpt and give command to summarise this article with hook and related emojis (must use chatgpt APIRM google extension and find option "summarise article"), now come in on google and search post related images and use this image "creative common licences" you can also use copyright free images sites like pexel or pixabay or other sites.

Step (3)

Now open and create article with the help of chatgpt according to your topic (keep in mind target only tier 1 countries). place adsteera ads on your article 

Step (4) 

NOW Create your topic related FB page, also you have twitter and pinterest accounts, create attractive profiles for sharing your blogger post daily, but facebook page use of only reels publishing, publish or schedule 10 reels daily on your fb page or short video minimum 2 minutes adds your blogger post links (not direct link)

after publish your reel or video on your fb page now copy video link, and sharing it on all cloning Facebook account groups (that your have buy online or create different accounts)

Next Step is create free account, create email template and create flow, and create free PLR offer and giveaway for your visitors and now share this template in all your facebook groups daily (Use this strategy minimum 1 month) Visitors will land on your webpage and gain free PLR offer, they will give you emails data. after few weeks your emails list will be bigger. now start sending emails daily. In this case you should have 3, 4 accounts. What should be strategy for collecting emails? answer is to upload reels daily on your profiles daily and give free PLR offer link should be mention on your videos.

Step (5)

 Now repeating this process daily, after your social accounts growing your chances to viral your post, after post viral, you will be make more money (Its recommended to use AI video creating tool) also you can you a chinese tiktok app like douyin, download douyin videos and upload your social media channel, In final words your should have consistency for success, use this flow daily and 30 daily you will gain massive results.

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